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Crafting your vision into a lasting legacy.

The ARCA Story

ARCA is a family-owned business, born from the love of considered design and quality craftsmanship. Find out more about the people behind ARCA, what we do and why we do it.

Gentrify becomes ‘ARCA’

After reflecting on what truly makes us who we are and what we offer our clients, we're proud to unveil our new brand identity 'ARCA'!

The ARCA Team & Core Values

Each and every ARCA team member is hand-picked based on their alignment to our core values of Integrity, Collaboration, Excellence and Flexibility. 

The Two Pathways to Building Your New Home

Paul and Chris explain the two pathways to building your new home with ARCA:
1. Our end-to-end Design + Construction service, or
2. Bring us your plans already produced by an Architect or Designer. 

Your Initial Consultation with ARCA

Directors Paul and Chris exaplin what you can expect from your intial consultation meeting. 

Value Managing Your Project 

Directors Paul and Chris explain ARCA's value management approach and how we deliver maximum value from your budget. 

Chris' Story

Director & Co-Founder Chris tells his story and why he loves being a Builder!

Paul's Story

Director & Co-Founder Paul tells his story of how he transitioned from designing and building mega-factories in the UK to his passion of building custom homes.

ARCA's Construction Management Systems and Software

Paul and Chris talk about our advanced construction management systems and software and how we use them to optimise client experience and business efficiency.

How We Build Trust with Our Clients 

Paul and Chris chat about how we build trust with our clients, how we add value and what sets ARCA apart from other builders. 

Tender Process Pitfalls and Effective Builder Selection

Paul and Chris discuss the pitfalls of running a tender process and a more effective way to select your builder and achieve the best possible ourtcome for your project. 

Builders & Marketing Podcast – Paul & Chris

Directors Paul and Chris talk about the current market chalenges and opportunities and how we're helping clients value-maneg their projects. 

Builders & Marketing Podcast – Chris Hunger

Chris talks about our recent re-brand, ARCA’s differentiating capabilities and the importance of building a positive and respectful team culture.
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